Prototyping with external funding

CORI, with its team of unprecedented scientists and researchers from many areas generates ideas for research and works towards development of prototypes. The ideas will be funded by external parties/organizations. The research results will be used to fetch publications and patents.

Furthermore, the prototypes will be used by the external parties undertake development of products and their release into the market.

Prototyping with conceptualization and funding by external parties

The more focused and riveted companies of the industry approach CORI with the ideas or concepts that need improvisation and implementation. CORI will then undertake research, make prototypes followed by publications.

Funding will be procured from external agencies. CORI will deploy the parties in its network to carry out product development and market release based on the prototypes.

Total Proactive Development

CORI will be responsible for the all round development from the initial stages until the prototyping of the product. It will undertake activities like brainstorming ideas, conceptualization, research and product prototyping.

Funding will be procured from within the PES organization. The product development and market release will still be outsourced to parties in its network.