Contactless Underwater Battery Charger (Funded by Naval Research Board, Govt. of India)

We are working on this project to design, simulate and develop a device / system for contactless underwater power transmission. The contactless power transmission technique will be used to charge lithium ion battery used to power underwater ROV to extend its run time for scientific studies and several other applications.
Contactless Underwater Battery Charger
Contactless Underwater Battery Charger

Our Motivation:

  • Longer cables were/are connected to Underwater ROVs to deliver power. This became unreliable in deep-sea environments due to pressure change combined with increased transmission distance.
  • Then came the era of using Li-Ion batteries for UW ROVs, which enhanced the overall performance of ROVs without using long cables. The batteries are either recharged by connecting power cables underwater or by taking ROVs out and replacing batteries.
  • This motivated us to propose contactless underwater battery charger to recharge ROV batteries.